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"In the name of hope and love, darkness will never reign over light. I will forever protect the cosmos from evil, so that even the darkest of hearts shall not overcome the Eternal Guardians of Justice!" My Name 'Kakyuu' in Japanese means 'fireball' this is why i am also referred to as the Fireball Princess i am from the kingdom of Dankei on Kinmoku Sei (Kinmoku Star/planet)

hey guys! :)


 I sincerely apologise for my long disappearance, I had some health problems, but I’m feel better now,

Minako’s mun (iamsailorvenus) : I’m sorry, I feel that I have to leave my Yaten’s rp, I like the new Yaten, he doesn’t make you wait as long as I used to.

Usagi’s mun (sailorm00n rp): If you guys agree, I’d like to come back n_n but I have a problem,  I’m having treatment, so probably I can’t be online as much as I wanted, I hope you guys can understand.

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I think I’m going to make Seiya flirt with Kakyuu in the new fic o.e

I think I’m going to make Seiya flirt with Kakyuu in the new fic o.e

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I feel absolutely sick…

no me gusta

sailor-studies-deactivated20121 said: Your blog is lovely! I've always liked Kakyuu. She's so mysterious and beautiful. I wish she could've transformed in the anime like she did in the manga. =(

ow thank you dear :) i know she has more participation in the manga than the anime and one of the good things is that!, She can transform into Sailor Kakyuu :3

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